Hello, SamW:

. If anyone else has any diet suggestions, please share it with me. Iím just about to hit the end of the road already with my AS.

The best source of recipes is Carol Sinclair's "The New IBS Low-Starch Diet," with foreword by Professor Alan Ebringer that describes his opinion of the mechanism for AS which has been reduced to practicable employment.

Every culture has the same opposition to going starch-free: Italians and their pasta, Irish with their potatoes, but Indians are the worst: Vegetarians by religion and primary tendencies.

For those of us who have had AS for so many years duration, I am certain that diet is not enough, but a proper AP should be undertaken and finding a cooperative physician, perhaps recommended by the Road Back Foundation, can be very helpful.

The link in my signature to the dropbox page "AS Resources" also has, by way of example, my own AP (Antibiotic Protocol) to use as a guideline in designing Your own, if that is what You are interested.

I experienced the shoulder bursitis and inability to walk, and almost begged for a hip replacement, but the old doctor just advised against that and told me to get well on my own--many years later, I did just that. And I hope You are able to avoid much more--I finally had to have an extensive osteotomy and earlier, Harrington rods and hope I don't have more surgeries in future (the recent broken leg might be another part of AS bone-wasting issue), but today my AS activity is very close to zero and ESR is between 1 and 9 whereas it was >100 BD (Before Diet).


Nota Bene: I am not a medical doctor, and my views do not represent the opinions of the SAA
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