Thank you John for the information. I understand just the diet is not going to fix or control my AS, but if I can get some relief from it, that certainly beats taking more meds or more surgery down the line.
My damages had been done and surgeries had been performed many years ago. I just want to see if I can cut the medication down to the minimal simply because of the side effects.
I have to agreed with you on every culture has the same opposition. It's really not easy to go starch freend I really don't think I can either, but to cut it down is a benefit already.
It's sad that I will have to under go another 2 major surgery to replace the replacement hip, because they only last for 15-20 years.
I'm also taking a trip over sea to search for other alternative next week. We'll see how that's going to turn out.
Thanks again, I will look up the diet link.


40 with AS, total Spine fusion, Both Hips replaced at age 24-25 years old and a Right shoulder replaced in Jan. 2013. Also with multiple Health issues, Anxiety and Panic Disorder, High Blood Pressure, and very sensitive to Medications.