Yeah, I hear ya, Sean. I did see the article where they validated the EASi-QoL compared to other tools, including the AS-QOL. FWIW my score on the EASi-QoL was 12 (out of max possible 80) and on the AS-QOL it was 2 (out of max possible 18). If changed to percentages those are pretty similar but I'm sure it's not as simple as a linear extrapolation smile

I think either one of them is adequate, though, for the primary use I see for them: helping folks communicate effectively with our docs. (I doubt I'm the only one who feels no need to assign a numeric score to my decrepitude! LOL!) The questions these tools ask can help us prepare for conversations, to translate what we feel, how we experience our days, into specific needs we can vocalize and that our doctors can respond to and may even be able to address. It's similar to the Mankoski pain scale - even though that's not a validated tool, I (and my rheumy!) have found it very useful for "calibration" as it has descriptions unlike the typical 1-10 numeric rating scale that's so often requested when we do the paperwork at the doc's office.

Thanks for bringing this to the fore so others can know about it and use it!