Hi, reporting back on the tear duct for future reference. Nuclear and CT scans confirmed that the problematic tear duct is bloocked and there is no medical treatment and the only options are to put up with a permanently watery eye or have surgery to make a new path for the tears to drain.

I said I'd leave it for a bit as I'm still recovering from bacterial and viral infections etc and am currently out of sick leave as well and it would involve a few days off.

Peripheral and axial AS diagnosed October 2011 aged 50, more than 15 years after the symptoms started. Also PCOS, GERD/oesophagitis/dysphagia, IBS, asthma,chronic rhinitis. Taking enbrel, methotrexate, folic acid, omeprazole, vitamin D, metformin, steroid inhaler and eating low starch/low GI.