Uggg I'm so upset and don't know what to do. I've been treated for ankylosing spondylitis for about 5 years now in Florida. I had to move to Missouri so I thought OK I'll just find a rheumatologist as fast as I can and no interruption in treatment will occur. Boy was I wrong I'm HLA-B27 negotive and my inflation blood tests were normal. The rheumatologist was so rude and wouldn't even consider my symptoms. He told me under no circumstances with you being a Caucasian woman with a negative HLA-B27 do you have AS and had no idea why anyone would put me on enbril or give me pain meds. I just broke down in tears right there and he walked out of the room saying there is nothing I can do for you. There are days I can't even walk across the damn floor or stand to make dinner for longer than 10 minutes. I can't even turn my head very far anymore. (Sounds like gravel in my neck) I have to have people open bottles for me some days because my fingers barely work. I've been wearing dresses lately because I can't bend to put pants on and I wear slip on shoes. I've been taking a lot of Tylenol because I can't take the ibuprofen because that messes up my ulcerative colitis. I've been crying a lot now because I'm so scared I'm going to get worse because no one here believes me. I can't move back to Florida but I sure wish I could. cry