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One of my very first symptoms was Crushing Fatigue and weakness with very stiff muscles, and an inability to get an erection. I am a Strength coach so I knew something was off. my PCP at the time did only a few tests on of them was Testosterone. mine was very under 100. he prescribed me Axiron and sent me to a urologist. I saw the urologist almost 2 months later and he took me off of it, and sent me to an endocrinologist, the endocrinologist sent me to a neurologist the neurologist sent me to a sleep physician and so on. this process took a year and a half

Long story short I was recently diagnosed with seronegative spondylitis I started Humira a week ago. the first thing i noticed was that the next morning I woke up with an erection. not like well thats weird. more like why wont this thing go away!!!!! turns out that when TNF alpha is suppressed leydig cells that produce testosterone get freed up to do their thing. ill get a testosterone test with my next set of bloods and let every one know what it says.

Thank you for reporting this. Did you ever get the testosterone test after starting Humira?

Before I was diagnosed with AS, low T was found and I started TRT. My AS has improved this past year, so I figured I would like to see if my body could make enough T on its own. The withdrawals have been difficult. Now my AS is creeping back in frown