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33 years old, white male currently suffering from A.S. for nine years. I had to give up working last year. For about a year afterwards, my stress level decreased significantly that lead to a decrease in pain. Additionally, since Feb 2014, with guidance from my primary care physician, I have been on a low-carb, low-fat, high protein diet and I've lost about 50 lbs doing it. I no longer consumer soda, refined sugar and anything that has flour in it. I put myself through agonizing gym/swimming exercise 3-5 days a week. I've tried every medication except the TNF inhibitors ... I'm currently looking into it because even with the decreased weight on the joints, the exercise, the new diet, I still feel pain when standing/walking/sitting/laying (sleeping). Everything I've changed has helped but it doesn't solve the problem.

Medical conditions that were resolved or lessened due to my changes were Depression better managed, Sleep Apnea lessened, Acid Reflux resolved, High Blood pressure resolved, no longer Pre-Diabetic.

Hi Serafin,

Sounds promising. What was your ESR/CRP before and after your diet?


Male, early 30s. AS diagnosed Sep 2015. HLAB27+
Current medicines: Omeprazole, Vit D3, Celecoxib(1 tab)/Zorvolex(2 tabs)(alternatimg between these two every week), Pyridoxine, Isoniazid, MTX(3 tab) every wednesday, on humira every two weeks since Dec 2015, Weekly Humira since June 18th 2016
On cosentyx 300mg a month since Dec '16