If you have been fired when you have a disability you should contact The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to see if they will take your case. You must do this in a timely manner. Check with them because a regular attorney may not always realize that you do have a case that is EEOC eligible. WITH THE EEOC YOU MUST FILE WITHIN A LIMITED AMOUNT OF TIME, so don't wait.

25 years a pharmacist HLAB27+(thanks dad!)iritis at 17, plantar fasciitis at 22, sacroiliitis at 25,first image at 31,diagnosis of AS at 48(hello medical community!!) it's all been downhill since Taltz, Celebrex,Trazodone,Tramadol,benztropine(antispasmodic), high Omega3,A&D to tame immune system,quercetin,bromelain) previous meds were Enbrel Humira Simponi, biggest issues are subacromial bursitis and weight gain on biologics. As of Nov 2021 seropositive RA