Skimmed through some of the posts here and there's a lot of discussion about studies on diet's effect on AS/autoimmune diseases, but has anyone had luck (or not) with any sort of restrictive diet? I've done a lot of internet research, and many alternative practitioners claiming they cure their patients with specific types of diets ("cure" raises lots of red flags for me), but I have heard a lot fewer anecdotes about the sufferers themselves actually having success with dietary changes.

Last year, before my diagnosis, I tried the "autoimmune paleo" diet, which I had no luck with. I couldn't get past the super low starch aspect of the diet - it made me feel worse (plus, I loathe squash and sweet potatoes, which were pretty much the only allowed carbs), and added in white rice after 15 days so that I could have enough energy to get through the day. After a couple of months, I tried slowly (total diet lasted over 6 months) introducing foods one "group" (or potential allergen) at a time, and noticed that highly processed wheat gives me anxiety. Otherwise, I noticed no differences to my symptoms. I have stuck with a lower sugar diet (as in, very few added sugars), mostly because I know I don't need it. I also have reduced my wheat/bread intake, and continued eating meat, since before, I was semi-vegetarian and only rarely (avg. of maybe 1x/month) ate meat. The increased protein helps my energy levels a bit.

So, how did those of you with food issues identify the problem foods? How long did it take before you noticed a difference? Has anyone tried diet(s) and failed to identify dietary connections to their flares?