Thanks for the information. Looking into the London AS diet and related research - quite interesting. The papers by Ebringer indicate that molecular mimicry between Klebsiella pneumoniae and HLA-27B cause (in short) activation or misbehavior of the expression of the gene, but my understanding (which could be wrong) is that this would only trigger issues if the infected person was HLA-27B positive. Do you mind me asking if you're positive or negative (I'm negative)?

Also, when you mention antibiotics, how did you find a doctor that was willing to prescribe them and experiment with you long-term to help you? Doctors these days are very adverse to prescribing antibiotics at the risk of increasing patient's risk of getting superbugs (having had antibiotic-resistant infections before, I do not think this is something I would even try, to be honest, but I'm curious).

Based on my personal experience and research, health issues can have multiple causes (e.g., not everyone's disease process is triggered the same way and thus a treatment may only work for a subset of the population). I wish the modern medicine had a better understanding of the human body and the mechanisms of disease, especially autoimmune. In the meantime, I'll experiment =)