Having AnkylosisSpondylitis for a number of years now, I occasionally drop back to this site to see what's new.
Unfortunately I see the same problems with the same lack of the real help that I have offered on this site previously
After almost being killed by continued use of NSAIDS, I did my own research to find the cause of this autoimmune condition.
Noah Cranman describes Alan Ebringers research, in his book, and gives the answer that has allowed me to be virtually symptom free for 5 years.
Its all about controlling the bacteria in your gut, with a low starch diet, exercise, and supplements. You cannot take enough straight
Turmeric to provide any relief. 750 Mg of A good quality Curcamin (CURAMED by Terry Naturally) is part of my daily regimen.
My health has never been better. Its good for your body, your brain and even your gums.
Stay off the NSAIDS, Stay off the biologics. Go natural. There are many good food alternatives. The Paleo diet is a good basis.
No whining