My insurance recently refused to reauthorize my Remicade, so after going without a biologic since November, I just did my second loading dose of Cosentyx this week. It really seems to be knocking me for a loop. I'm exhausted, but I'm having trouble sleeping. I'm achy and a bit spacey. I have a sore throat, and my nose, which has been irritated by methotrexate, feels totally congested. I found a thread here before I started it, but I can't seem to pull it up again. I seem to remember that a few people had given up on it due to the side effects. I really want it to work, especially since the drug company program is a breeze compared to Remicade's. I had a flare before the first dose, but it was already easing up before I started, so I'm struggling to evaluate whether it is helping me. I'd love to hear from anyone who stuck it out that it gets better!