I just took my 3rd loading dose(300Mg) after Enbrel or Humira failed to work for me. I have had some side effects, as far as the exhaustion being worse than normal and a few bloody noses(weird), but all in all I am feeling pretty confident that if I stick to it, it will be one that will help me. I am assuming that it takes a while like the reset of the meds to work to its full potential. I do know that sinus issues are more prevalent with Cosentyx then some of the others. I would makea call to your Drs office and ask about the sinus and throat issue before you take your next dose. Other than that my advise would be stick to it, I believe 2 doses is too early to know if its helping or not. They say it can take months to know if a med is helping or not. I am hoping that the exhaustion gets better as my body adjusts to it.