Cosentyx messed me up BAD. I lost 30 pounds in the loading phase. I literally felt like I was being poisoned. I would get this awful pressure pain in my femurs that literally felt like they would explode. I had no appetite and fatigue to the point where you literally feel sick. Just extreme malaise. I also got a candida infection in my mouth. I never had sinus or throat issues though. I thought the symptoms would go away after loading which is why I stuck with it and they only got worse(for me). What the shame is that the cosentyx was working for my AS symptoms better than any other medication, but was just brutal on the side effects. I stayed on it for about 4 months and I just couldnt continue. My tipping point was while on a cruise we caught a stomach bug. While it was painful for everyone involved, it put me in the hospital for three days. After that I just didnt have it in me to ever inject that stuff again. For me the disease was better than being on this med. Like I said it did seem to help the AS symptoms, which is why i encourage other people to stick with it. In my case the side effects where just too extreme. This is just my experience and keep in mind everyone is very different. I encourage you to visit some of the psoriasis forums. They use the same meds and there just seems to be a lot more people that have tried all these meds. A lot of people using cosentyx there with good results. Check it out.

diagnosed at 32.
HLA B27 Positive
Currently on Simponi, Tramadol, and celebrex