Worldof me, that's a good question. Technically WPW is a physiological defect, so I don't think it can be acquired. That said, I had the first real symptoms of it after my first major bout of severe back pain (though I was diagnosed with WPW long before my spondy diagnosis, which came 20 years after that first incident). I also have MVP and some minor regurgitation. I'm not sure I'm convinced there is a direct connection in my case. If there is, I think I tend to suspect it comes from the meds more than the spondy, but, I am very curious about it all.

I chose not to have an ablation way back when because I had few symptoms and I don't do well with needles (funny thing to say when I now inject myself!). The tricky thing now is the health vulnerabilities coming from the biologics. I recently found out that Cosentyx has an extremely long half-life. I had been able to work around Remicade pretty easily to have a colonoscopy last year. However, when a gynecological surgery was recommended recently, my rheumatologist said I'd be risking my life if I didn't wait 12, and preferably 20 weeks after a dose of Consentyx for anything involving an incision. That was a wake up call. I decided to stay on the Cosentyx, so I had to table the surgery idea.It is adding to my stress if I do need a pacemaker or other intervention.

I will definitely update if I get any good information from my cardiologist visit. Alas, this doctor is fairly new to me and is not especially thoughtful or helpful. Last year he told me I didn't need the echo my last cardiologist said I was due for because the results would "only scare me!"