ThreeG, this is not heart-related, but I have had several surgeries on Cosentyx plus other meds (Imuran, Arava). One was an open abdominal surgery. Then I had hip surgery. I have Crohn's so have had many colonoscopies - they are not concerned at all about those. I have done the same on anti-TNFs, including very high dose Remicade (20mg/kg - the regular dose is 5 mg/kg).

I have never had any surgical site infections. The only time I had prolonged healing issues was on Prednisone. I will never have surgery on Prednisone again but with biologics + a DMARD I have been fine.

The one caveat is that I'm 24 and my rheumatologist did say that younger people are able to handle much higher doses of biologics without problems and her recommendations do vary by age.