I have a question, at the beginning of the flare that finally got me diagnosed, my blood pressure was High, and mine normally is low. I also was complaining of feeling like my heart was pounding, like I was working out hard even though I could be laying on the couch, or in bed. Long story short, my resting heart rate keeps going into the 140 and 150's while sleeping, or random times during the day, takes my breath away. I asked my PCP to do a 30 day monitor, Which shows this.
Now I get a letter from my insurance that its just sinus tachycardia and they wont cover the $5000 for the monitor, because someone a the Dr's office wrote that it was to monitor palpitations. UGH.
Anyway, I need to fight that out.I plan to let them know that I have AS, and a family history of valve replacements. But, what I don't understand is the sinus Tachycardia a sign of the inflammation getting to my heart? From what the Dr.'s keep telling me is that its normal and not to worry, but its hard not to when randomly I cant catch my breath because my heart is racing for no reason. Most of the dr.'s tell me AS has nothing to do with my heart????