kjb - same boat here I have sinus tachy, never had it before and all of sudden I have it now.

I also have some valve that are leaking.

the reason you can't breath is your heart races making the heart pump blood fast can't keep up with henc shortness of breath.

what doc are saying is coming from sinus node so no worries. yes easy for them to say. it's not afib or anything such so you won't go into ventricular fib.

there worry about vfib.

as for medical bill is so stupid our medical system can will bankrupt anyone with chronic condition.

we go from doc to doc lab to lab yet it's our responsibility to check coverage

what kind of charges do they even come up? the price is so inflated that it doesn't make any sense.

how can any test cost 5k? I had s test done that lab wanted me to pay 11k.

wyd? where do they even come up with the price?

tachycardia has ruined my life. I'm always nervous.