Ill keep this short as i can.
Can anyone please, please, tell me if diagnosed with Anklosing Spondylitis during active duty and forced medical discharge to finally get only 10% years later and cannot get more because the reasoning given is that they say it is "hereditary" because of the common HLA-B27 blood antigen that many or most irish english french blooded american people carry is happening to them???
My younger brother is a Marine and was Forced out after 2 years of appealing to stay in. He is young and has it soo bad for years it takes him 30 minutes daily just to put his socks on. We live together, and we are tough as a box of nails, but it brings Tears to my eyes to watch my Hero deteriate daily. We are all each other has, as we lost both of our parents years back. He only can get 10% for AS, 20% for depression. VA wont give him a % on his eyes problems, Raynauds, Fibromyalgia and all the other stuff...
All this started just after an injury and just after the Anthrax and Many Other unknown shots were given while lined up in the showers in the middle of the night (many times) During Basic Training.

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