I am brand new to this, having just started Enbrel on April 1st (no improvement to date). However, I have a first cousin who responded very well to Humira initially, but had it stop working after about 9 months. She then switched to Enbrel and at last report had been doing beautifully for over 2 years. Hope that helps!

Female, early 50's, HLA B27+, family history of SpA
Diagnoses: USpA (9/17), limited Scleroderma/Raynaud's phenomenon/Sjogren's syndrome (1/16), stroke (8/15), Factor V Leiden (8/15)
AS symptoms: right heel enthesitis/tendonitis; elbow tendonitis; mild low back/buttocks and hip pain/stiffness; normal MRI
Treatment: Xarelto; vitamins D3, B12, folate Primary non-responder to Enbrel and Cosentyx