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Enbrel worked great for me for only a few years and then stopped working rather suddenly. Perhaps not coincidentally, I had noticed stronger and stronger injection site reactions in the months before it stopped working, to the point that the injections sites from four or five weeks ago would all puff up when I'd do a new shot.

I switched to Humira and had the same strong success I originally had with Enbrel. My sed rate tracks closely with disease activity and it has been normal for years. I think I have the year I started in my signature line.

Good luck!

Question for you: were you fused before taking a biologic and do you think it has slowed your progression?

My SI joints were fully fused but I was not fused elsewhere. I did have squaring off of vertebrae though.

My rheumy does not believe in x-rays unless there are significant declines in function since, as he's said, there is no other treatment I could be on anyway, so I've not had x-rays in years. That said, my ROM in my lumbar spine and chest expansion have remained about the same so I don't think I've had significant progression.

My sed rate was somewhere in the 60's (I think, it's been a long time) before I started and is now typically below 20.

Thanks for your reply! I believe you’ve said before that you can’t move your neck at all. Was it that way before biologic treatment?