I had one bout of unilateral, anterior uveitis, which is, I believe, the hallmark AS uveitis. Mine didn't hurt that I noticed, at all. For a couple of weeks I thought that I had just burst a blood vessel in my eye while holding my breath underwater. Then my mom said it looked terrible, and did it bother my sight? I said no, but closed my other eye and discovered I couldn't see very well at all with that eye.

I went to the local ER that night (we were going on vacation the next day) and was there for 6 or 8 hours while they tried to figure out what was wrong. They were about to have me go to an eye hospital in the city when the doctor found out (I forget how) that I had arthritis, and then he realized what it was.

I have been very sensitive to sunlight for a number of years. Ten? More? no idea.

As an aside, two days later while on vacation I scratched the cornea on my other eye while snapping a branch over my knee while making a fire. THAT hurt! THAT was the most miserable night of my life (even compared to vertigo, or one of these fevers where you wish you were dead). I spent an entire night awake with both my eyes closed, and the only thing that reduced the pain to livable was by staring my eyes up and to one corner, while concentrating on the number thirteen (I have no idea why the latter mattered, but clearly certain thoughts cause the eyes to move). Don't EVER snap a branch without either closing your eyes or wearing goggles.

1981 - Hip/knee problems led to early, correct AS diagnosis (amazingly!).
1990's -Doctor mistakenly diagnosed me with Psoriatic Arthritis. Bad doctor!
2000's - Increasingly problematic "sciatica". Guffaw.
2011 - Diagnosed with end-stage right hip arthritis.
2012 - Right HSR.
2013 - Partially torn Achilles.
2014 - Left HSR.
2016 - Re-diagnosis of AS, Prescribed Humira. Achilles surgery followed by subsequent re-tear.
2018 (Now). Doing pretty good. Humira working, Achilles finally better.