NSAID for uveitis can control pain however it can also cause delay in treatments. Steroid drops for better and worse can effectively decrease the inflammation but unfortunately (for me) over time can sponsor glaucoma and other eye problems. Not using them however can lead to nerve damage in the eye. After 40 years of battling eye issues I started Remicade and over time the issues subsided. I have not had a flare in the right eye for many many years. That said I use 1 drop of steroid and 1 drop of pressure relieving drop every day. Talk with your opthamologist about NSAIDS would be my thought.

Starting at 18 yrs old; 1971 Reiter's Syndrome. Diagnosed AS 2001.
Started Remicade 2002 - 5mg/kg every 7 weeks.

Right Eye Glaucoma- Trabeculectomy/lens replacement 2006.
Right eye DSEK Cornea Transplant 2009.
Right eye Ahmed Shunt 2016.
Right eye DSEK Cornea Transplant 2016.
Supra Ventricular Tachycardia. 2004. Cured by Radio Frequency Ablation 2008.

ICU RN - Seattle, WA

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