hi, just a quick question.
most recent Uveitis attack left some floaters in both of my eyes (strange because the right eye was not affected by Uveitis). There are some floaters inside the vitreous which I didnt have in the past. I have been told those are due to ageing, and for people with frequent eye inflammations cannot be resolved trough vitrectomy.
have you faced this issue yourself anyone?

diagnosed with AS April 2018, starting with cervical pain/stiffness; Aug 2018 enthesitis/bursitis left Achilles
diagnosed with AAU Nov 2017 (7 flares so far)
Eosinophilic Gastritis
Sulfasalazine 3g 08.2018-05.2019 (worked for AAU & peripheral)
Supplements:C/D, omega 3/Probiotic/ Mediterranean NSD/curcumin
Predonisone in case of another AAU flare