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I put myself in a panic again by looking at videos of people with severe disease on YouTube.



Looking up information online is like watching the news or reading the newspaper. Good news doesn't sell, so the majority of what's in the media is bad news.

The majority of people with AS are doing well and out there living their lives. They don't have the time or a need to visit a forum like this or post videos on YouTube. That means much of the information online is skewed.

You already know all of this, of course. But you obviously need to be reminded. smile

Ginny - 58 year old female
Dx with USpA in March 2013; changed to AS in July 2015
Iritis and Scleritis, both currently in remission
unicompartmental knee replacements: right-June 2014, left-Aug 2018
MTX, Humira, Cyclobenzaprine, plus Celebrex as needed
Supplements: Folic Acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Calcium, Fish Oil, Culturelle probiotic, Melatonin (as needed)