Rochester MN would be a competitor to the place where I worked my entire life and where I have a high degree of loyalty.

I absolutely agree that "it isn't about the label of the disease but the inflammation and it's effects".

Are biologics superior to prednisone for systemic inflammation? I am under the impression that prednisone is a very potent anti-inflammatory. I know about the side effects of prednisone. For me, cataracts maybe, but thought to be caused by recurrent uveitis, high BP probably, significant belly fat but I'm not alone there. I have tried a couple drugs in combination with prednisone but that seems to cause an infection but prednisone alone doesn't.

The effects of chronic systemic inflammation are taking a toll as evidenced by bilateral knee replacements, ruptured tendon repair, lumbar stenosis due to arthritis of some kind, peripheral neuropathy, and arguably trigeminal neuralgia which seemed to be exacerbated by inflammation.

The MD that gave the seminar in Denver recently intrigued me about AS. I watched it online. He was linked to the Denver VA which may be the system I turn to soon and I am eligible for. I don't know how Medicare will be in the not too distant future but for now, I have great insurance.

I would rather not see any more doctors but I respect them all and with few exceptions, I have liked most all.

How many doctors do referrals electronically? My medical records are all in EPIC.