Hi rumble,

I did not know a flare could last many months. I thought most flares were over in a matter of days or at least in a few weeks. It makes me reconsider my desire to switch from Enbrel to another TNFi. Since my blood tests are impeccable and my range of motion doesn't seem impacted, maybe I'm just having a flare and would prematurely stop a drug that works...!

I called my rheumy two times for an emergency appointment in the last two weeks. Her secretary offered an appointment on July 9. I asked her if she had anything sooner cause I was in pain. She called me back and now my rheumy wants me to do back x-rays...

I think my calling twice and asking for an appointment sooner set off her alarm. I don't think my 4/10 pain warrants x-rays... Truth be told I'm actually scared of having x-rays cause I don't want to know how my disease has progressed. Since I've had no decline in function and ROM and am on a biologic anyway, I frankly don't see what x-rays would bring aside from statistics and setting off my anxiety again.

My rheumy probably thinks I'm having intense pain and wants to see if I have something mechanical that could explain it since my blood tests and ROM are good... This is anxiety for you. I feel ashamed now.