A little off topic, but I stopped injecting Humira in my stomach as I don't think it worked as well as when I injected in my thigh. I have never heard anyone else mention, and obviously I have no proof.

1981 - Hip/knee problems led to early, correct AS diagnosis (amazingly!).
1990's -Doctor mistakenly diagnosed me with Psoriatic Arthritis. Bad doctor!
2000's - Increasingly problematic "sciatica". Guffaw.
2011 - Diagnosed with end-stage right hip arthritis.
2012 - Right HSR.
2013 - Partially torn Achilles.
2014 - Left HSR.
2016 - Re-diagnosis of AS, Prescribed Humira. Achilles surgery followed by subsequent re-tear.
2018 (Now). Doing pretty good. Humira working, Achilles finally better.