I have had 5 iritis flares in the last year. I am experiencing a flare in my right eye now. Stats off feeling irritated and looks pinkish red. By next day it feels like you were hit in the eye with a hard baseball. Light sensitivity followed by blurred and reduced vision and red streaks around the iris. Your pupil my even change shape. I learned the hard way that just because the pain stops there is still inflammation. At the first sign of pain and irritation see an eye doctor.
My first flare was a 4+. All I could see w in my right eye was white cotton fuzz (white blood cells). My iris stuck to my lens and my eye pressure was high. Took 6 months of steroid drops and dilating drops to finally stop the flare. My repeated flares in both eyes led to multiple floaters, starting cataracts, virtuous detachment and reduced vision. The floaters fade and you get used to them. I have over 30 spots and 2 squiggle lines in my vision all the time and I still work in an office with dual monitors. No way to have them removed. They will just come back.
I have had lots of blood tests. All came back normal just my ANA pattern is speckled. I am a 37 year old female and HLA B27 negative. It took three facet joint injections and a Rhizyotomy to reduce my back pain. It was my eye doctor that made the connection to AS and referred me to a rheumatologist who diagnosed me with Ankylosing Spondylitis. My hips are fuzed and I have a vertebra in my upper back starting to fuze. I also have scoliosis, hyper mobile joints and hyperhidrosis.
Humira works great. It's just when I have to pause treatment to take antibiotics for sinus issues then I get a flare and my pain increases. I now know what it feels like and I just start using steroid drops before I see my eye doctor. He makes sure I have a bottle of Pred Forte (steroid) and Homotropaline (dialating) drops at all times since AS can cause repeated flares. Humira works great at stopping any flares when I am on it.