I did not know that responding very well to the first anti-TNF increased the likelihood of responding well to the others. I guess it makes sense though, because it probably means that my body or my "version" of AS is more TNF-mediated.

I'm wondering though, does loss of response to the first TNF predict eventual loss of response to the next ones? I don't think you can predict anything at all but I'm still wondering.

I thought about my pain being muscular or something else but the fact that it affects my neck, upper back, legs and lower back intermittently really makes me think it's AS. It's not like one spot or one movement that would trigger pain. It's the full package. Although I'll say that rotating my shoulders hurts my back and that the pain is worst near my shoulder blades. But it's not JUST there.

Anyhow thank you for talking to me and saying positive stuff. It really does help me.