Not so much that the flare lasted months--probably 8-10 weeks, with intensity going up and down at the upper side of the scale. Winter is my worst time of year (actively looking for a warmer place to move for retirement in about 5 yrs). I wasn't in a flare the whole time on the med.

Don't feel ashamed--ever. People ask questions and others try understand the whole picture when we don't have the entire story. When there is face-to-face discussion, those details are worked out more easily. On a message group, it's not as easy. It might take a couple of posts to get it worked out. No one's fault is what it is. Please don't feel bad about it.

If you don't want to get x-rays, don't do it. Wait till after you see the rheumy. Wait till you have that face-to-face time to make sure you understand each other. If your labs are fine and your pain levels are okay and your ROM is fine, I agree--doesn't seem useful right now. Talk to the doc and see what the next plan will be. Hope the appt goes well for you and you get the answers you need to reduce the anxiety some. Your post on 6/11 seems like your anxiety is better. You will get the hang of your new normal and figure out how your body is working with this disease. All of us went through this and worried more than we needed to for a time. Keep asking questions when you need reassurance. That's what this group is for.

Psoriatic Arthritis, Osteoporosis HLAB27+
MTX, gabapentin, strontium citrate
Cosentyx from Oct to Dec 2017. Then back to Cimzia in May 2018.
Already tried Remicade, Enbrel, Simponi, Humira, Cimzia, Cosentyx.