Hey CBDaughter wink

Actually, when my neck is more restricted my trapezius hurts near the shoulders when I turn my head from side to side. I always feel like the restriction comes from the occipital region, from ligaments rather than the actual cervical vertebrae. I can hear crunching noises in the occipital muscles and that's where it feels like it's blocking. If I move my head while feeling my cervical spine with my finger I can feel the vertebrae move.

That's what I told my rheumy in 2012 and she said she believed it may come from fusion, then we did X-rays and I had zero fusion, not even beginning. I may have permanently damaged some soft tissue I don't know. Most of that lost ROM never came back on my right side even on biologics but my left side almost went back to normal. Same thing with looking up and tilting.

Also if I push with my hand I can almost reach full ROM. But my muscles alone cant do it.

Thanks for reminding me that AS is slow. I'm always afraid that while my treatment is less effective I'm having permanent damage and progression and that's why I'm on a hurry to try something else!

I know some never fuse...

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