Yes! He can turn it a little. But when he's driving, he turns his body as well as his neck. I don't think most people notice his neck. His shoulders are a little bit hunched and his neck is sort of forward, but besides that, he looks normal. I really don't think most people even see it. But my neck is the same - hunched and sort of forward. Can't say if it's fused or fusing because it's the one place I've never had x-rays of.

But my ROM is worse than yours - it is 30 degrees to the left, and 45 to the right. My physical therapist thinks I can improve my ROM with PT but does want me to have x-rays. Right now I'm just focusing on the PT and assuming it is postural and weak muscles. When I next see my rheumatologist, I'll have the imaging done.

If you had calcifications, I think you'd see them on x-rays. Honestly, I think you should do the imaging your rheumatologist is offering. It's better just to know than to torture yourself with uncertainty. And if there is progression, then you and your rheumatologist can discuss next steps - upping Enbrel or switching biologics. I don't think she can do that unless she has some concrete info that you're flaring.

And I'd focus on the good things - your lumbar spine is doing great and your SI joints aren't bothering you. You can even touch your toes! I can barely go past my knees. I don't mean to minimize what you have been through, just to point out that actually, overall, things aren't so bad.