Well even if I don't have progression on my x-rays, I think my rheumy should be able to believe me when I tell her that I don't feel well. She should know that it can take months and years for bloodwork to change. She shouldn't tell me I'm stuck with my current situation unless my x-rays are bad!

She hasn't done that, but you see what I mean. X-rays are one thing, symptoms are another. If a patient comes in and tells their rheumy that they have lots of symptoms coming back, then the doctor should offer something. I mean she could make a case that x-rays are important for whatever, but regardless of the results the only thing she can do is switch biologics or add something to my treatment.

But you're right in a sense. I'm kinda stuck in this bad place where symptoms come back, I KNOW something is brewing, but I don't have anything to show for it yet except my BASDAI would definitely reflect more active disease. Do I really have to get to where I was pre-diagnosis before we change treatment?

I never heard that radiographic progression was a pre-requisite to switching meds.