It is perhaps a bit early to say that she isn't doing anything. When I last saw her a month ago, she tested my ROM and looked at my lab results (from a month before) and I didn't really push for more as it wasn't as bad then. And I guess I wanted reassurance. So I didn't insist.

When I see her again next Tuesday she'll have lab results from last week and I'll explain to her that I've been having a lot of pain in different parts of my body. And this time I'll push the fact that I know they're AS-related as I've been down that road before.

If she insists on an MRI (which she never proposed), I guess I'll do the MRI. Normally though when we see each other she checks my lab results but she makes me do the BASDAI too as she feels that inflammation in the blood and what the patient experiences can be different. I mean I guess she has to trust me a bit. At the end of the day I'm the one with the disease.

I will say though that for the past 3-4 days I've been feeling way better. Not great, but better. My body still isn't like it was 3 months ago, but it's way better than last week. Is it a flare subsiding or just the calm before the next storm, who knows!