I'm chiming in as an example of Cosentyx helping me without significant, unwanted side effects. I just started a couple months ago, so it's still early, but this is the best I've felt so far on any of the biologics I've tried. And I've tried several already (Enbrel, Cimzia, Remicade), none of which made much of a difference in pain/fatigue or disease activity for me. With Cosentyx, I noticed a difference in my fatigue levels by the fourth week of the weekly 150mg loading doses. My rheumatologist decided last week to increase my dose to 300mg injections per month (spread out to one 150mg injection every two weeks) since I did so well during the loading doses and then seemed to slide back into fatigue and pain before my first regular monthly dose.

I do get a bit of a headache and a slightly stuffy nose for the first couple of days after an injection, but I have no injection site reactions or mouth sores (like I did on Enbrel) or nausea (like I did on Remicade). Cosentyx can worsen IBD/IBS symptoms in people who previously have those kinds of issues, but I am one of the fortunate individuals who has not had to deal with significant GI complaints, before or after my AS diagnosis.

So, while I'm sad to see that Cosentyx has not helped a number of people who've tried it, I'm pleasantly surprised that I've had early improvement on it. Honestly, I was beginning to panic a bit about going through TNFs without much relief from them, so I'm excited that something seems to be helping finally! Happy to answer any questions people may have about Cosentyx.

Wishing everyone relief and strength.

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Female, early 30s. Dx AS July 2016, symptomatic 13 years.
Current meds: Cosentyx (150mg injections every 2 weeks) since April 2018. Tramadol (100mg every 6 hours) since January 2017. Celebrex (200 mg every 12 hours) since July 2017. Medical cannabis tincture/oil/vape/topicals.
Ineffective meds/ intolerance: Remicade (3 months). Cimzia (6 months). Enbrel (6 months). MTX w/ folic acid (2 months). Plaquenil (3 months). Prednisone (1 month).