So I saw my rheumy.

Lumbar movement: above average
Hip movement: above average
Neck: no change from my usual
Thoracic expansion: perfect
Spine and SI not sore when touched
CRP: 0,4
Sed rate: normal

She thinks my pain is either muscular, mechanical or a small flare. She says she really does not think it’s a major AS comeback. She prescribed an MRI to make sure but she doubts it will reveal major inflammation. If it does we’ll try Humira.

We adressed my anxiety. She told me very bluntly: "In 2018, diagnosed as early as you were, your AS should not cause you any anxiety. We have many treatments down the pipeline and I can almost guarantee that you will never see extensive fusion or be stooped."

I was shocked. It was so reassuring. She also told me that after 10 years of symptoms I would very likely know it already if I had a severe case.