I will do the MRI. But there is a waiting list of a few months. In Canada we have have free healthcare, but sometimes it's longer. wink

I could pay to have it faster but I don't think it would really be beneficial in my situation.

She said that maybe I do have a bit of inflammation, but she doubts it's a major flare as she feels I would be sore in different areas and my ROM wouldn't be as good, and that my CRP, based on my own history, would probably be problematic if it was anything major.

She also told me that having some small syndesmophytes does not necessarily mean that they will totally bridge and to stop panicking with fusion as it's a long and unpredictable process. She insisted that with my disease presentation and good reaction to treatment that she really, really doubt that I will see extensive fusion and crippling pain. She said "You won't be hunched over and crippled, now or in 30 years. Take that out of your head. We are in 2018, not 1995."

She also said "Of course I can't 100% guarantee you will never fuse, but it is my professional opinion that you are highly unlikely to be a very severe case."

Honestly it was such a relief. I still have pain and discomfort to a degree and it comes and goes. I'm positive that the MRI will show something. Maybe soft tissue related, maybe mechanical, but it can't just be nothing. But for now all I can do is wait, do the MRI and trust my rheumy and life.

On a side note how do people cope with the idea of fusing? I see a lot of people that seem really chill about it.