John: Thank you so much for your long story about your AS experience. I read it with interest. I don't have the disease but my son was recently diagnosed. His wonderful wife and I have been on the forefront of researching the diet and trying our best to prepare meals that he can eat. The list of foods gets smaller and smaller as some things we have tried have proved to cause terrible flare ups that break both of our hearts to watch. My husband and I have both been thankful that we live in this age of internet information and all of the research on this disease and the diet that keeps it at bay are available to us. My son has yet to actually see a rheumatologist due to all the red tape in the medical field today but when he finally gets in he will be seeing one that actually agrees with the diet and avoidance of NSAIDs and other drugs. My son refuses to do the drugs and I'm glad he's sticking to the diet treatment. I'll be reading through all the posts on this thread and skipping the others. This is why I'm here.

Farm wife looking for ways to help my son.