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I just don’t understand how people can manage pain, anxiety and working full time. And I don’t understand how people can have active AS without being depressed or anxious.

I thought I was better mentally but it was just my AS that was less painful for a few weeks. Now that the pain is back I’m almost at square 1.

I wish I knew how to take each day as it comes. How do people do it?

As SouthernMoss states, personality matters. Some people are natural worriers, others aren't. Some people respond to worry/anxiety with frenetic activity, others -- those with, perhaps, a naturally depressive personality -- tend to dwell in it. I am a naturally anxious person. I had anxiety before I had AS. I'm not, though, a naturally depressive person, so I tend to react to my anxiety by planning. Posting here on this forum is actually one of the ways I control my anxiety about my disease. Reading medical journal articles is another way I "control" it. I have great plans for my retirement, where I will live near a major academic medical center where there are specialists in my disease and its complications. Planning works for me. It may not work for you. It may actually make your anxiety/depression worse. The key is finding out what works for you, and your therapist should be able to help with that.