yes, this is quite annoying. just before I managed to calm down the left eye the right one flared up and i ended up with bilateral Iritis.
back on steroids, but this time the are not so efficient I fear.
I ve noticed that adding NSAID can help to keep it at bay a little.

The doctors here Ophthalmologist/Rheumatologist want to put me on Sulfasalazine for this issue, before eventually considering biologic. Would that work? I am getting a little bit weary as this is the 4th time in a year I have Iritis and 1st time bilateral. My eyes are constantly inflamed!!!

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diagnosed with AS April 2018, starting with cervical pain/stiffness; Aug 2018 enthesitis/bursitis left Achilles
diagnosed with AAU Nov 2017 (7 flares so far)
Eosinophilic Gastritis
Sulfasalazine 3g 08.2018-05.2019 (worked for AAU & peripheral)
Supplements:C/D, omega 3/Probiotic/ Mediterranean NSD/curcumin
Predonisone in case of another AAU flare