Couple of thoughts. I have read and been told that Cortisone shots are not advisable for the Achilles. I had one in my Achilles the day before my second hip surgery and injured my Achilles permanently six months later. But I thought the shot was great until then. And I have had probably a dozen cortisone shots and think they are great in advisable joints/bones (shoulders especially, hands). Did nothing for my hip, which is not unusual.

Use your judgment. But my real caution is that if you do have Achilles surgery be EXTREMELY cautious for a long time after. I made one mistake two months after my surgery and completely retore it.

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1981 - Hip/knee problems led to early, correct AS diagnosis (amazingly!).
1990's -Doctor mistakenly diagnosed me with Psoriatic Arthritis. Bad doctor!
2000's - Increasingly problematic "sciatica". Guffaw.
2011 - Diagnosed with end-stage right hip arthritis.
2012 - Right HSR.
2013 - Partially torn Achilles.
2014 - Left HSR.
2016 - Re-diagnosis of AS, Prescribed Humira. Achilles surgery followed by subsequent re-tear.
2018 (Now). Doing pretty good. Humira working, Achilles finally better.