I received results from MRI spine today. It is a google translation from foreign language:

Minimal edema modifications at the previous angles of T5-T8, T10, T11, L1, L2 vertebral bodies, on millimeter, suggesting Romanus active lesions.
Small areas of bone marrow conversion at the angles anterior and posterior thoraco-lumbar vertebral bodies, suggesting chronic changes.
Intermediate C5-C6 posterior interfate arthritis and L3-L4 left.
Prolaps L5 without foraminal stenosis.

could you please indicate to your knowledge how serious/urgent it is?
thank you

diagnosed with AS April 2018, starting with cervical pain/stiffness; Aug 2018 enthesitis/bursitis left Achilles
diagnosed with iridociclitis Nov 2017 (5 flares so far) - bilterally DES,PVD
Eosinophilic Gastritis
Signs of inflammations/erosions on MRI`s for axial and Achilles/calcaneus + bursitis
Sulfasalazine 3g 08.2018-05.2019
currently COX2 inhibitor 90mg
Supplements: vit C/D, omega 3/probiotic/ Mediterranean NSD/curcumin