About eighteen years ago I was diagnosed with AS. I was treated by a local rheumatologist for a number of years and when my insurance changed, I went to the VA because the drugs are much less expensive. After being treated there for eight years though, I was told that I didn't have AS after all and the drugs were withdrawn. At my last visit the rheum there told me I had an auto immune disease but she didn't know what it was. It was about a 350 mile round-trip to the VA every three months so I'm thinking maybe this was a positive. (I was paying for my lodging when I went to the VA hospital and found out on my last visit that there's a Travel and Lodging group which will provide a hotel room if you travel very far. SMDH) So, I went back to the rheumatologist here in town. After testing and looking at my symptoms he decided on a Dx of psoriatic arthritis. Now the symptoms fit - low back pain and SI joint involvement without the ankylosing part, fingers and feet swelling, painful joints and those ridges and pits in my fingernails. My left knee persistently swelled and my Dr suggested a synovectomy and the biopsy done afterwards showed PVNS. I'm kinda curious if anyone else here had had the PVNS Dx.

At my last visit with the Doc here in town he explained why he made the change in my diagnosis and it made sense. During the visit he mentioned that the medication is a bit pricey. I asked him to explain "pricey" and he said it's about $60,000 a year. Yikes! So now I'm more or less in limbo until I find out about help with the drug costs. I'm retired on Social Security.