I have had a spondyloarthropy for 15-20 years. I also have no fusion. After 1 year of nothing much helping except massages, what helped me a lot (so there was no pain) was acupuncture with electric current applied once every 4-6 weeks. But that did not cure me, and then I moved. After diagnosing what I had a doctor in Switzerland where I was living prescribed Arcoxia. I was worried about constantly taking meds, as that was similar to Vioxx, so perhaps not good for my heart. What HAS rid me of all the symptoms and pain since 2005 has been eating a vegetarian diet. First I fasted for 4 days, which made things worse for a day or two; then I gave up land animal-based meat and some dairy products. It worked! Clearly the bacteria that my body tries to attack (but mistakenly attacks my collagen) proliferate when I eat land animal-based meat and heavy dairy products (cheese and butter in quantity, until recently milk was okay). Shellfish seem to be okay to eat. As time has gone by (I am now 60), I got some pain in my back on occasion again. So I recently have gone nearly vegan (using soy milk and cheese mostly), and that has helped too.

Workouts help me, as does an ibuprofen (recently taking only 1/2 tablet) before bed on most nights.

So my recommendation to one and all is alter your diet! Pain medications and things that address the symptoms only are not getting to the root of the problem, and if you are like me you CAN get to the root of the problem.