I lived in Oregon, mild-cold but humid during the first 7 years of my diagnosis and had much pain. Given that, while SI leg pain was chronic - and untreated beyond naproxen, my bilateral uveitis did come in waves. Those waves seemed stress related which I did share with doctor. It wasn't during the stressful events but afterwards- similar to folks getting sick when on vacation - after leaving the steess behind them. I say that since both hot and cold weather can contribute to stress in different or ghe same ways. Worth looking at your routine. Do you drive more or exercise less during extremes? Eat differently? Drink different beverages? Sleep differently? Less fresh air inside the house? I now live in the hot southwest - same stress related coorelation is noticed but I continue to work on trying to maintain walking, sleep and hydration routine. While i am on Simponi now and SI joints are fused, still see waves of pain in thoracic/lumbar/neck - after stressful times. Am often surprised when I rediscover the correlation. My uveitis does seem zeems better in the warm climate with more1-2 flares and less 3-4 flares :--). While we might not be able to change the diagnosis, but we can try to aim for lifestyle habits that support all bodies. Oh, and I love baths! They have saved me more times than I can count - in both locations. Including at night when pain prevented sleep. Is it the bath or the relaxation that comes with being in the tub? Or the belief that there was something I could do to address the night time pain we know too well? Worth looking at what you can change. Believe in the potential of small steps.

California, USA
Reoccurring Bilateral Uveitis Dx 1985
Reiters Syndrome Dx 1985
AS Dx 2015
SI joint fused