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Wonderful Faye. keep it up!

By the way, I've never heard or read anyone with this reaction, so it's probably just me. My kryptonite is turkey. It always causes a flare for me. I only tested it because I have a history of flares on Thanksgiving.

Did you try just eating the turkey only Thanksgiving? Meaning no spices no potatoes no stuffing no cranberry sauce no nothing. Poultry and meat should not cause a flare-up and it's raw or cooked form with no spices on it other than just salt. most likely it's something that you're eating at Thanksgiving once a year with your turkey and that's probably the cause. I've been down this road with myself.

Being on the as diet you shouldn't be having any spices at all including turmeric which actually inflammatory reducing once it wears off. Red and black pepper is a big No-No.

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