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... turmeric which actually inflammatory reducing once it wears off.

Sorry, I don't understand that statement. Are you saying turmeric only reduces inflammation after it is out of your system? That doesn't make sense to me. Will you please explain what you mean? Thank you.

Turmeric does help a lot of people and it could also have negative effects along with positive effects. before I get into it the other thing is most people take tumeric wrong. you can buy turmeric with pipperene however it doesn't do anything other than peeing out money. To increase the effects of turmeric The pepperine has to be taken alone 1 hour before taking tumeric because what the pepperine does it switches off an enzyme in your kidney that signals nutrients to be flagged for removl. What this does it allows the turmeric to linger in your system much longer increasing the bioavailability by a lot. That also said you would have to be sure that if any medications you are taking are not supposed to linger in your system. Meaning they're supposed to get in and get out. so just spaced out your medications 1 hour before or after taking piperine. Pepperine is a huge inflammatory inducing to your body along with other spices including turmeric. Both of these will reduce information but once those anti-inflammatory effects wear off inflammation now sets in because of the plant material displayed on your cells making your body attack it. there's very unlikely a supplement out there that I have not tested and out of the hundreds I have only a handful do anything. I've been studying and researching for almost 5 years putting anywhere 2 to 3 hours every single day trying to fix myself which I basically have and also for my son as once I got diagnosed i hot him tested which came back positive. This allows me to take the time to figure it out so that this way if his symptoms check-in I'm ready and he will not have to go through pain for the rest of his life. There's so much better than tumeric. there are many supplements that claim anti-inflammation but it all depends on what "il" it's targeting. a lot of supplements also that have anti-inflammatory effects that do work also / activate your immune system and you do not want that. mushrooms, you should never eat mushrooms because mushrooms / activate your immune system.

Everyone's a s is different and things will always affect them differently as I understand that. But I've also learned that there's a lot of things in common regardless of what affects us and what does not. I went from being on tnf blockers down to meloxicam once a day with diet and supplements.

this disease is a monster. Not only physically does it affect you but the mental damage it does. If you don't manage the mental side you will go crazy from being in pain 24/7 does a huge number on your brain.