Hi there. So recently I’m having quite a flare up. I seen the rheumatologist a couple weeks ago. It’s only my second visit with her. I’m not sure how I feel about her yet. She did order several tests: x-ray of my collar bone with steroid injection, mri and x rays and blood work for vitamin d. I’m happy about that but here’s the thing, I’m not crazy about having the contrast dye for the mri. I know for most this isn’t a big deal but I’m extremely hesitant when it comes to medicine and being that it can have terrible side effects I would rather have the mri done without the contrast.

My question is, has anyone had an mri without contrast that was able to detect ankylosing spondylitis? When I called the doctor and told them this the receptionist was pretty nasty with me and said that the doctor wouldn’t be able to see what she’s looking for and my insurance might not cover it unless I get it and why can’t I just take Benedryl and have it done.

My mri is 2 days from today so I’m hoping someone here has some input before then. Anyone have an mri without contrast that was any help?