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Thanks for the info!
Update: I'm fortunate to live in a state where cbd cannabis, medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are all legal, so it was easy to try it out. I got some free samples of CBD plant in capsules, and started with 25 mg. It is only supposed to last 4 hours or so though. I took it a couple times a day and also used a typical cbd salve if I noticed pain or stiffness. I also smoked a CBD joint with a tiny amount of thc in it one night, as thc is supposed to increase the effectiveness of the CBD. I tried the CBD for a couple days, taking a total of 100 mg, plus salve and joint. It's now been 4-5 days without Meloxicam and amazingly I'm not having much pain or stiffness at all. The salve worked very nicely for stiffness in the moment that I felt it. All this seems very promising. I mostly felt quite well and didn't find it made me sleepy, which is one side effect for some people. Unfortunately, it seems to have possibly triggered a migraine that I've had since last night. This may be my own reaction or a side effect, not sure. I wanted to take one more of the capsules to see how it affects the headache but I can't find the last one I had. (I attribute that to the thc 😑 lol)

Give another update in a week. This way the meloxicam is out if your system as its an accumulative drug. I really hope you have success with this. But if you're still having plus pain and inflammation after two or three weeks then that's awesome. And usually takes one to three weeks to see if something's really working. Fingers crossed for you.